Julie & I

Hi There

My name is Geoff and I aim to guide you through the labyrinth of affiliate marketing training programs that are available on the Internet these days.

I live with my life partner Julie in one of the most desirable places in Australia at Noosa Heads in Queensland.

Getting into Affiliate Marketing

My journey into affiliate marketing began about 2008-2009 when the GFC started to kick in. After more than 30 years working with a major global mining company, I entered into the small business arena in 2005. I bought a photocopying business and over the initial eight years turned it into a graphic design and printing business.  Over the last few years I have added web design to my portfolio.

Things were going great until the GFC started to kick in. As the business has gobbled up my savings I needed to find something extra (do not get me wrong, the business is still operating but not generating sufficient revenues to return my investments with interest.)  So I began exploring internet marketing.

To be honest I have not put the time or effort into it that is required to be successful. There have been a number of false starts.

I am now at retirement age but have no intention nor do I want to take that road. My dream is to continue my graphic design, print and web design business and develop  the expertise and my knowledge to grow my affiliate marketing business.


Starting with Wealthy Affiliate

Over the years I have looked into a number of training programs and also have come across a lot of scamy get rich schemes. In my honest opinion there are only a very few that are worth the money and time investment required. I believe Wealthy Affiliate to be in the top three.

I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate in 2009. I ran a few campaigns promoting the program and picked up a few sales. My affiliate commisions from those sales have paid for my membership and proven to me that affiliate marketing works.

My goal is to build a comfortable life style that will give me more time to spend with my gorgeous partnMe fishinger, being able to play golf again and more time for travelling, boating and fishing.

Join me on the path to success in affiliate marketing.

Julie & I2